The Blayson Group Ltd

Wax Product Range & Services

Blayson is a key supplier to the worldwide investment casting industry manufacturing high quality wax materials. Industry sectors served include Aerospace, Industrial Gas Turbines, Medical, Automotive Defence, Communications, Microwave, Electronics, Marine, Sport & Leisure, Construction and Jewellery

  • Blayson is focused solely on the investment casting industry
  • Has extensive experience and knowledge of industry requirements
  • Blayson emphasis on R&D maintains a strong technical lead
  • Close technical support and partnership approach to customer relationships
  • The full range of wax materials are also manufactured by Blayson Japan Co Ltd

Virgin Wax Materials

  • Filled Pattern Wax
  • Unfilled Pattern Wax
  • Emulsified Pattern Wax

Recycling of Used Wax

  • As a pioneer and specialist in wax reclamation, Blayson is uniquely placed to offer high quality, low ash, recycled products suitable for the manufacture of a complete range of patterns and runner systems
  • Reclaim and Reconstituted Wax - Cost effective high quality pattern and runner/riser/sprue materials
  • Runner/Riser/Sprue Wax - A full range of products including very fluid, low melt products

New Developments

  • Products specifically designed for turbine blade manufacture
  • High fluidity pattern wax
  • Reduced memory pattern wax
  • Fast setting pattern wax materials

Injected Wax Parts

  • Injected Runner Bars
  • Injected Soluble Wax Cores
  • See Blayson Casting Systems section of website for further information

Specialist Wax Products

  • Soluble Wax Materials are a speciality and the range gives the benefit of good injection and surface finish together with zero residues on leaching. An ultra-violet dye is added to allow inspection of the cavity to ensure complete removal
  • Core Wax for sealing ceramic cores, improving the surface finish and alleviating core cracking
  • Flexible Rods for use in strengthening or venting wax assemblies
  • Repair Wax both hard and soft types are available for the repair of patterns and for sealing assemblies. These can also be used for moulding into required radii
  • Dip Seal Wax very fluid and therefore capable of flowing into and sealing undercuts and open seals
  • Jewellery Wax has good flow and high strength properties able to reproduce intricate detail
  • Adhesive Wax a range of products for the assembly of pattern parts either by hand or by automated equipment
  • Machining Wax for rapid prototyping and the production of proofing patterns
  • Wax Trials using customer own dies either at the foundry or at one of the Blayson Technical Centres
  • Technical Support provided by the experienced Blayson technical team is always available to help with customer trials and needs. Comprehensive technical reports are issued on completion of technical projects

Product Forms

  • Pellets
  • Slabs
  • 25 kg bags
  • 20 kg boxes
  • 500 kg bulk bags

Blayson Technical Centre

  • Technical development and support
  • Responsible for maintaining Group quality standards
  • Provides the investment casting industry with a centre of excellence for wax technology and processing
  • Blayson is accredited to ISO 9001:2015